Pool Renovation

If your Connecticut pool has become damaged or outdated, Residential Resorts can help renovate or remodel it. We can also help if you’ve become bored with your current pool’s design and want a change of pace. Contact us today to learn how we can help and receive your free pool renovation consultation.

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Update Your Old Pool Design

Many aspects of your pool will naturally wear down as the years march past. While a normal part of your pool’s aging process, worn down features can be unsightly or even dangerous.

The most common places that wear out include the pool lining and decking. Your filtration system, lighting, and other functions can also become damaged over time.

As a premier pool services company, Residential Resorts can help you make repairs and update your old swimming pool design. Not only can this breathe new life into your outdoor oasis, but it can also extend your pool’s life. If your pool is more than a few years old or isn’t working as well as it once did, call us today to find out how we can help.

Add Fun New Features

Your pool doesn’t necessarily have to be outdated or broken to be renovated. Renovation can also mean adding new features that make your pool even more fun.

A few examples of features we can add to your pool include:

This is far from an all-inclusive list. Contact us online today to find out what other new fun features we could incorporate into your pool’s current design. If you aren’t sure which features you want, we can help you figure out the options that will most benefit your family.

Benefits of Pool Renovation or Remodeling

The benefits of pool renovation or remodeling go beyond basic enjoyment. A renovation project can also raise your property values, which is especially great if you ever plan on selling your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, higher property values are great for the community, too. 

Here are a list of renovations we can do:

  • Resurfacing gunite
  • Sandblasting or Acid Washing old finishes
  • Replacing vinyl liners
  • Install or replace electronic controls
  • Install or replace LED or fiberoptic lighting
  • Install or replace pumps, filters, or heaters (replacing single-speed pumps with more efficient variable-speed pump)
  • Install salt chlorination system

Your newly renovated pool will also work better, which could lower operating costs. Lower operation costs can improve your pool’s return on investment (ROI). Another way renovations can boost your pool’s ROI is by extending its usable life expectancy in general. 

You can also boost your yard’s aesthetics by improving your pool’s curb appeal. This makes for a more enjoyable experience for your entire family. Check out our gallery to see our previous projects

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Whether your pool isn’t working as well as it once did or you need a change of pace, Residential Resorts can help you with your project. We can handle anything from updating your pool system to adding fun new features and everything between. Call us today for a free consultation on your next Connecticut pool renovation or remodeling project.